How do I set an image on a page to change everyday?

How do you create an element on a page that updates a new image from a database each day?

This image would be the same for all users, and the update would occur at the same time each day (ex. 12:00 am EST).

Any suggestions would help!

The updated image will be updated randomly or do you want to define the image in every update?

Ideally, it would be updated randomly.

  1. Create a database called “Images” and store the link of all your images. Just one column, call it “URL” (text type);

  2. Create a data base called “Image-of-day”. This is the database that will store the URL of the image of the day. This database must have only one row. Just one column, call it “URL” (text type);

  3. Open the database “Image-of-day” and create an entry with the URL of any image.

  4. Create a backend workflow with two actions:

Action one: Make change to thing (Search for Image-of-day: first item) and change the URL to Search for Images:random item’s URL

Action two: Schedule this same backend workflow for tomorrow (current DateTime +1 Day Rounded Down to date).

Doing this, everyday you will have the URL of your Image-of-day:first item changed to a random URL of your database Images.