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How do I set page states? (User logged in show this)

Is there an easy way to set a page state? I.E. Show these things if user is logged in, show these things if user isn’t logged in.

I read about it somewhere but I cannot find the actual tool within Bubble to do this…

Hey Dave! :slight_smile: This can be done in the conditional formatting of the elements. For example, if you have a header group of elements which should be visible to logged-in users only, the conditional formatting statement would look like:

And for the header group visible to non-logged-in Users, the conditional formatting statement for that would be:

Make sure both groups have “This element is visible on page load” unchecked, and that should display each of the headers at the correct times. :slight_smile:

Is there not a way to do this globally for the entire page?

Reason I ask - I saw this thread

That was a bug, which was fixed. You should be able to set a state on the page itself.

Gotcha, where can I do that?


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