How do i show all content if selected dropdown list is empty

hi all, i would like to show all content if selected text from dropdown list is empty. How do i make my repeating group display all item instead of leaving it empty?

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i think by ticking ignore empty constrains will display all items by default, but once i made a selection and selected field is empty, nothing will show. What i am looking to achieve is that even when the selected field is empty, the rest of the item will still appear.

All good, found a workaround for now. I just added a workflow to refresh the page instead.

Ticking that option works. Maybe your Do Search is made differently. Or you use a different dropdown than I do.

Would you mind sharing a screenshot ? You should not be forced to use a workflow for simply filtering like you need.

here you go.

Nothing wrong here. Based on this I maintain that you should be able to get all the data when nothing is selected from the dropdown.

The behavior must be coming from somewhere else. If you want me to have a look, feel free to send a link to your builder page.

Other than that, I see that you’ve found a workaround. If you feel ok with that all good then.

sure thing. thanks for offering! i’ll pm you.