How do I show components conditionally based on user type?

I have two types of users in my app: caregiver and housemaster

I want them to fill in their profile using only one page because the layout will be the same, only different information will be displayed. (I would prefer not to make a new profile page for each user if possible).

How would I be able to do it?

For example, in this screenshot, I want the caregiver to fill in all these pieces of info. But for the housemaster, no phone number and type of caregiver will be needed. I’m thinking of using conditionals to hide elements, but when I did that, it leaves a white space in the place of the two input forms.

Next, I’m thinking of duplicating the whole Group 10 component (the group that encompasses all the inputs and the Next button) to make one for Housemaster. Then only show this form with relevant inputs when it’s the Housemaster user logging in.

But I don’t know how to manipulate the layout so either one of the two shows up at the exact position .

Look for the button just under the visible toggle:
Screen Shot 2022-07-07 at 7.39.03 AM

I’ll try it. Thank you!

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