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How do I sign up a user with duplicate records


I have done a different workflow that looks like this. It works with a few records of 10 in App data but is not working in my actual list of 48K. Here’s what it shows when I try to signup with one user with a similar First name, Last name and Date of Birth.

This is how my workflow looks like:

I noticed that it was struggling on the signup that’s why I concluded it must have something to do with the number of records it has to query, compare to just a few.
Appreciate any if you guys have any ideas. Thank you.

Hi, Bubblers,

Good day. I have here a sign-up form. And 2 Data Types (User and Client)

  1. Once the User fills out the signup form, I have constraints that check their First name, Last name, and Date of birth (DOB). If the user does not have a duplicate record in my App data(Data for the Client data type will be uploaded), they will be signed up.

  2. If the User has duplicate/s (I called it ClientMemberInstance), I still want them signed up until “Instance Count” is equal to the “ClientMemberInstance”(which will also have an assigned instance number e.g. If a client named John Doe born 01/01/2000 has 4 exact matches in our records, their ClientMemberInstance would be assigned 4.

I’m not sure if what I’m doing is the right approach but this is what I have done now. Would really love to hear some suggestions from the experts here as I have struggled to reach some solution for this.

Thank you.


Would also love to hear from @romanmg :slight_smile: I’m in your VIP members program but somehow could not find a similar use case for this in our tutorials. I hope you can help. Thank you!