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How do I Subtract no. of days from a Date Input?

Create a group type “number” and use it to calculate and store the negative of your number. Then simply pull the group’s value back into your statement. That will solve it.

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Hi @keith
Thanks for your posts here.
I’ve run into the same issue again following your guide… I cannot input the ‘-1’ to multiply it by. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong? thanks

Ps. Visitors to my site/app input a number of days and an event date and I want to help them ‘work backwards’ and figure out what date they need to start each task in order for the big event.

Literally type -1 on your keyboard.

If that doesn’t work, put -1 in a custom state and do it that way.


I used a state variable and on page load assigned that state to the input value (has a default) and then multiplied that by negative one… then used that state value after the +days… then added an on input value changed set the state variable again with the new value * -1. But if you need in a backend workflow then use the plugin mentioned above.

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Have this problem too. Typing -1 doesn’t work, I can’t multiply by anything at the end of my expression.
No solution yet?