How do I trigger event on main page on user action in RE in a RG


I have a Repeating group (RG) in which each row has a Reusable element (RE). The user can click a button in the RE. When she does, I want the page to show a Group.

How can I make the RE encapsulated in an RG trigger the page or let the page see a state change in the RE?

Cheers, Peter

Hi Peter,

Do the custom workflow on the RE and then on the main page workflow you set “trigger a workflow from a RE” to open the group


I need the page to open the group (UX issue). Solved it using BDK’s RG plugin. Is there a simpler way?

Best, Peter

Would you be willing to provide further detail or a link to the plugin? I’m having the sane issue. Thanks.

You could use a state on the RE that you watch on the page. Or use BDKs Env Vars plugin.

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