How do I turn fields with repeated ip red?

I don’t know how to check for repeats in the database.
I want the cell with the repeated ip to be red.

Hey @douglasnqb , you can keep a condition that says, If Do a search for IP Database:filtered by current cells IP: count > 1 then Red highlight. Note, if your list is big, this method could be resource intensive.
You can achieve it by grouped by as well, just do a grouping on the basis of IP and set aggregation as count. Then you can filter the ones with count > 1

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Big or small list this would be very resource intensive and not a good way to do things because in each and every cell of the RG you will be performing a search followed by a filtered operator.

@douglasnqb you should create a conditional onto the text element that displays the IP values, and then the conditional would be Repeating Group IP Address List of IP Addresses :filtered (constraints be IP Address is current cell's IP Address) :count >1 This way you are not doing a search at all.

Always best to reference data already on the page than to do a search of the database…and never a good idea to put a search onto any element that is going into a repeating group.

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