How do I update the thumbnails in the My Apps list?

Is there a way to change the thumbnail on the My Apps page?

Hello, I’m looking for a way to change the thumbnail on the My Apps page. This question has nothing to do with how the app works, but please help me improve my UI and workability.

The premise is that I am currently developing and testing several similar apps in parallel.
The apps are replicating and growing from the first one.

I would like to know if there is a way to update the thumbnails of the apps I have developed that appear in the My Apps list.
Currently, my My Apps list shows the original design of the duplicate for all apps.
Editing the app and modifying the index page does not change it.
This is very low visibility.

I am a hobby plan user, is that why it is not updated?
I will be upgrading to a paid plan soon.
If I can edit the page if I am on a paid plan, that is fine.

Can anyone please lend me some wisdom before I make a fatal mistake by this issue.

I’m fairly sure the thumbnail is just a screenshot of the top of your index page for each app. So whatever you put there is going to be the thing that shows. So other than making sure that’s unique for each app, I’m not aware of a way to manually change this.

I mean if you are really pedantic about it you could just have an image or text or whatever you want you preview to be as the default view on your index page for those apps and then just hide it as soon as the page loads in a workflow. I mean it’s definitely not something I would encourage you to do but if it’s something you just need initially while you’re developing your apps so you can switch quickly and can happily delete later on when you push your apps live - then it’s a short-term workaround.

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Thanks for the very quick response, josh24.

I immediately tried your idea of displaying the image at login, but unfortunately it did not work in my environment.

I may have to create a new app each time and copy-paste everything instead of duplicating.

Hopefully one day this feature will be improved.
Thanks for your help.

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