How do I use cutom field types?

Hello Bubblers,

I am working on an app that helps professional users send requests to several suppliers simultaneously.

Each company has one or multiple users and locations. Users post request and filter them by some criteria, including locations.

I am connecting the custom types “user”, “company”, “location”, and “request” using custom field types.

When working on the workflow where new users complete their profiles (that include information about the user, the company and the location), all data is well populated in the appropriate field types except for the custom field types.

The debugger gives no error messages, I tried looking for an answer in the available resources and on YouTube, but I couldn’t find an answer or detailed explanation on how custom field types work and how to properly use them.

Here are some screenshots that might be useful:

Thank you for your help.

Most likely either the source you’re using to define the Company field (i.e. the Group Company’s Company) is empty, or it’s a privacy rules issue.

So first I’d check your privacy rules, and if there’s no issue there use the debugger to check the the relevant data is populated where it should be, and if not try and trace things back to find where the broken datasource is.

Or feel free to share more info here (or a link to your editor) if you still can’t identify the issue.


Thank you for your input, and sorry for the delay.

I am certain it’s because I don’t know how to use the custom fields, and I didn’t find any useful information anywhere I looked.

Can you please check my editor and tell me where I made a mistake?

Thank you,

Your problem is that you’re referring to data that has no value…

i.e. in your workflow you’re creating a new Location, and setting its Company to Group Company's Company

But Group Company's Company is empty - so there is no Company to set hence why it’s not working.

You either need to set the value for the Group Company's Company somewhere in a workflow, or (assuming you want to set the Locations company to the Company you created in the first step of the workflow) just set the company to Result of Step 1

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Thank you very much Adam, it work!

Won’t be forgetting this one anytime soon :slight_smile:

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