How do I use fields in a repeatable element for dynamic data inputs?

I’ve made a simple timesheet with 5 days and a couple of input fields for Project/Task/Hours.

Each day is a reusable element (see screenshot)

I’m trying to create a field that adds up all the hours from all of the “Hours” input fields across the reusable elements, however, when I go into the “Dynamic Data” menu, I don’t have any option for any of the reusable elements.

If I can’t pull data from the usable element fields, I’m going to need to re-do most of my page.

Any help is appreciated.


Thanks for your post! One option here may be to add custom states for the individual reusable elements that can be then accessed on the page. For example, if you set a state when an hour’s input’s value was changed, then you could reference that elements’ state + another element’s state. Let us know if that helps or if you have any more questions!