How Do You Calculate Values of Inputs and Display Results

This seems like it should be pretty simple, but I am not seeing any way to do this. I have even tried saving the results in a database and pulling the values from there.

I am needing to add all the values up of certain fields and display it in a text element/field.


Can you post the link of your website to see what are you doing?

Im not sure if im understanding what you trying to do.

You want to add some values on input fields and after display them in a text element?

Sure, soon as I figure out how to post a link to my website that would allow you to see what Iā€™m working with?

Right now it is a work in progress, but basically I have 5 input fields which will have numbers in them inputted by someone. I then need a text element to display all these numbers added together.

Input 1 = 1, Input 2 = 15, Text Element = Input 1 + Input 2. Which this would equal 16 of course and display it.

If there is a better way to do this I am definitely open to learning a better method.

It is for a scoreboard website.


Hey this should be able to do just inserting dynamic data.

Place a text element -> Insert dynamic

Select the first input element like this:

and select value type. After that you will see a logic operations like this (select the desired).

After that, insert the input 2 for complete the logic function.

Done, remember to set input fields type integer.

You get something like this:


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Works great! Super easy too. I think I was just lacking the format type before.

Thanks for the great how-to!

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