How do you center align based on decimal point

I have created a style to layout a lot of numbers that are in a table. The numbers look best centered, but there is a problem when there’s a number with more digits.

So 1.23, 1.67, 6.89 all look nice, but when you throw in a 10.67 or a 100.87 then the centering looks all wrong.

Is there any way to center based on a decimal point?

Do you have only that number in this cell?

Align them to the right.

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I agree too. I think you should set your text itself to align right and center the text element instead.

I think you are right. I will just have to figure out an appropriate amount of padding. Problem is that some of the numbers are very small such as 3.24 and others will be much larger such 126.68 and I wanted to figure out a style that I can just apply globally, but it looks like that isn’t possible.

I’ll have a play and I’m sure it’ll look fine.

Thanks for your help @Jici and @vansokip


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