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How do you cope with "Do a search for..." delay?


As you know , when you are presenting data in your app and this data requires the usage of “Do a search for…” there is a little delay before data pops up on the screen after page is loaded.

As far as I know, i can not force “Do a search for…” to perform before page load.
So my question is - how do you hide it in your apps? I don’t want my data to pop-up ~1-2sec after page load that is why I’m looking for some ideas like “how to hide it” or “how to overplay it”.

By the way - can I make some condition like "Do something when “Do a search for” is done?

Hey! Yeah it is possible :+1:

You can start with your RG invisible and turn it visible when it’s :count > 0

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As far as I can see it’s also “laggy”.

You can look at the “Is Loading” condition too.

Yeah I use both count>0 and Is Loading as the guys said. Normally does the trick.

If you’re still getting lag it can also be on the client side i.e. a delay in the browser rendering the results (especially if it is a heavy search). If you’d like to have exact control you can look into the Render Checker plugin I built specifically for this situation.


No it is not. :slight_smile:

When you use the Count operator, Bubble starts counting and cannot immediately return the answer. The trick here is to use “first item is not empty”. It only checks one thing and returns an answer.

If you still have lag, you could try @robhblake suggestion.


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I guess that we are talking about groups here.

I’m worried about elements inside those groups. Lets say i have a forum and i want to show list of post titles and their authors. In order to show author i want to do “Do a search for”. In this case title will be loaded way faster than author (because Title didn’t use “Do a search for”). It happens even with “count” or “is loading” method.

I know that i can try to structure my DB in different way in this case but let’s assume that i can not (this is just an example).

How to “hide” loading of this one little element? It’s loading to slow to just ignore it and too fast to introduce skeleton-like loading.

Why do you need to do a search for this? Surely the posts have an associated author, so just display the post’s author’s name. If the post’s title has loaded then so must it’s author (at least the refence to it), so it should be pretty fast to display the author’s name.

If you really want to speed things up you could add an author name field to the post datatype itself, but I doubt that would make any significant difference.

It seems unnecessary to do a search for the author separately.

I know that i can try to structure my DB in different way in this case but let’s assume that i can not (this is just an example).

As i said - it was just an example. I have to perform seraches in repeating groups and i’m looking for a way to hide it’s popping up on the screen with delay - that’s the case.