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How do you create a multiple layering scrolling effect?

Basically, like to achieve parallax type of animation. Where more than one elements scrolls in different speed. I think one way to achieve that is maybe using conditions like scrolling position, but doesn’t give you any options to move elements/shapes’s x or y position. Is there work around this? of do I need to incorporate html code to do this…

Example of effects here:

There is a feature on the page element. Just double click on the page and add a background image to the page. Then you should see some options for parallax effect and parallax effect speed:

Apply a paralax effect (desktop only)
Check this box if you want the background image to scroll more slowly than the elements in the page. This gives an impression of depth to the page.

Paralax speed
Use this option to control the depth effect of the parallax. If zero, the image won’t scroll at all, while 1 will be same speed as the elements.

It’s a start (only vertical, single layer parallax).

Yeah I’ve tried that and single layer parallax works, I was just seeing if you can do it with 2 or more layers… but apparently not…