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How do you create an "or" filter type?

I have multiple user types. I am trying to create a repeating group of all the Admins and Super Admins. If I do the data source filter and select both I end up with an “AND” function and it shows no one.

How do I do an “OR” type filter on the same data point?

if they,ve got the text “Admin” common in their roles, u can use “role contains Admin” instead of =sign

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  • “Do a search for User’s”
  • If you have data for their “Status” (admin or super admin) then add a condition that states "Status = “Admin” OR “Super Admin”

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It is a User Type. Does this change anything?

It never comes up with “Or”

This seems to function like an “AND”

Try copying how I’ve done it here

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There isn’t a “contains” option.

How are you trying to do it then? You’re trying to show all users and then their status or only admins and super admins in the list?

Hi there, @timlcooley… you can accomplish what you have described by either using an advanced filter (which could be slow because the filtering happens on the client side) or you can use the :merged with operator to merge two searches (one for users who are Admins and one for users who are Super Admins) together.

Hope this helps.


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This is how I started, but it doesn’t return anything.

Are you able to share an editor link for this?

The difference between my version and your version appears to be that you’ve entered the “User Type” as a Dynamic field where as mine is simply as text.

Are “User Types” a set of data as well in your application or is it merely a text field on your user?

Awesome! The :merged worked perfect!!


Yes they are a Option Set