How do you ensure customer success?

Hello everyone,

I’m back from BubbleCon in NYC and finally over the jet lag.

For those who don’t know me, I have spent almost a decade setting up CS/CX teams within high-growth Saas businesses, in a variety of industries. I’m now the Founder & CEO of CSX, an AI-powered CS platform, and Head of Customer Success at Nezasa, an enterprise SaaS business, close to exit in the Travel industry.

In my “normal job”, I am the person ultimately responsible for increasing revenue from our existing customers and retaining as many as possible - my aim is to help you do the same. In every strategy I’ve implemented, a core part has been ensuring customers know that “our success, is your success”, the same applies here (we win together).

TL;DR: Sign up to CSX for free Customer Success/Customer Experience strategy consulting.

I met inspiring founders at BubbleCon and noticed three things:

  1. Many founders came from an industry and solved/identified problems from within.
  2. 75% had no CX/CS background/experience.
  3. They excelled in GTM/Sales but lacked a customer management strategy.

Without a CS strategy, you’re:

  1. Leaving money on the table (Sources here, here and here…)
  2. Not maximising referrals (How advocacy impacts revenue).
  3. Increasing churn risk (source).

I’ve developed CSX on Bubble, focusing on customer success fundamentals. It’s a dedicated customer success platform that let’s you identify and track customer objectives, manage risks, gather feedback (and loads more), while using AI to reduce the need for more CSMs. I’ve purchased and used alternative systems throughout my career, and all have lacked functionality and features that I really wanted, that’s why I decided to build my own.

To implement a CS strategy, you have three options:

  1. Hire a consultant (costing £15k to £60k).
  2. Make a CS hire (from £45k to £70k+ per year).
  3. DIY with internet/network info (still time-consuming and likely sub-optimal).

What I offer:

  • Free unlimited consulting when you sign up (if we connect through Bubble, normally only offered on the top-level plan).
  • I’ll assist with everything from CS/CX setup to recruitment, and more (pretty much anything).

Why? I’m prioritising platform subscriptions and am happy to offer my services as an incentive.

Drop me a message if you’re interested.

Also happy to offer paid consulting if you aren’t ready for a CS platform just yet but would like some advice.