How do you guys get initial Traction / Growth / Organic growth?

Hi Bubblers,

Before talking about the topic, a very Big Thanks to the Bubble Team. I am now using Bubble for month and a Huge fan of the App !

The question is : How do you get your initial traction / growth / organic growth ?
I am thinking we could share here bubblers tips & tricks / ideas…

I am personnaly using paid ads (google adwords and facebook ads) , to get my first users and see how my idea and apps works.

I am very interesting and in needs of growth / organic growth, and initial traction tacticts for a marketplace.

Feel free to share here your story, what works and what didn’t for you and your apps.


Good thread - thus us the million dollar question :slight_smile:

Three thoughts:

  • I try to find a starting niche group and work with someone who have access to them.

  • I look at how successful apps, especially games, make users come back, since usage, not number of users, are key. FOMO is such a concept.

  • I also have a rule based marketing automation system that is integrated with my apps. This way I can get the app to do stuff depending on how the user progresses and uses the app.

I find a paying customer before building anything. All my work is driven by the almighty dollar!

@andrewgassen Agree with you on that one, finding a paying customer when doing a B2B is key. My thoughts where on B2C.

I still go the route of finding paying customers. Until someone is willing to spend money for it, their feedback is just speculation. I should specify that I don’t build apps for scale or millions of users, I build apps that can be profitable and happy at hundreds or thousands. I prefer to target a specific niche of folks with a problem to solve and money to spend, so that should be the caveat to my answers :slight_smile:

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The question is : How do you spread the idea to get people ready to pay ?
Are your first customers only close people, people you speak with in your daily life ?

Great question. I use tools like LinkedIn and Meetup groups to find folks to talk to. I’ll put out a blast like, “Looking to talk to PreK-3rd Grade teachers for 30 minutes. Let me know if you, or anybody you know, is interested in a quick chat. If you’re local to my area, I’ll happily pay for a coffee visit!”

This usually gets a handful of responses, that then lead to other responses. Craigslist is also a good source, believe it or not.

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