How do you implement version control?

How do you do version control in bubble? I’d like to have a version that I’m getting ready to release while at the same time working on the next version with added features. How do I do that?


Right now each app has two versions, live and development. Development is where you change your app, and you deploy to live when you’re ready. See this It’s a bit short, but it explains the difference between two versions.

@emmanuel The link is broken. When I click it doesn’t go anywhere. Thanks

my bad, just fixed it.

Cool, thanks!
Does this still apply since I’m developing a native mobile app? I don’t want a “live” web version of my app floating around. It should only be available through the app store. I’m guessing in that sense, for native apps, there is no version control at this time. Is that accurate?

Yes it does, since the app will be based on the live version. Updates don’t go through the App Store.

Keep in mind native apps are in beta and that could change.

I am looking to better understanding the versioning of the Development environment. This link is no longer working. Is there a new link?

This is under the new manual

Bubble has a manual…
Why did I not think of consulting it. :man_facepalming:
I have been only consulting the reference for months now.