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How do you integrate stripe into your webpage

I have downloaded the stripe plugin but I have no idea how to integrate it into my website know. I am rather shocked their isnt a tutorial on using payment systems since they are such a crucial part of doing business.

Have you searched the forums at all?

Two excellent courses. For the basic Bubble plugin: Stripe Guide (Bubble integrations and w/ API Connector)


If you’re using CoBubble StripeJS (Stripe.js - The most powerful payments plugin for Bubble. 💳)

You could opt in to one of the many Bubble instructors out there for advice any specific help/assistance. The Stripe integration is all fairly straightforward as long as you completed the first step of creating a Stripe account and grabbing your API keys. If you need help with this step, the Codeless Academy course I linked to walks you through that (albeit with a dated Stripe dashboard).

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