How do you keep a text element directly behind a username?

Hey all,

I pretty much want to add a small number (score) to the right each username. However, I do not want this score to be clicked but the username to be clicked. (Similar to reddit)

The thing is each username varies in length and I do not know where to place the score text without it having an awkward space or being cut off in shorter or longer usernames.

Thanks any advice is greatly appreciated!

why not put it in front? put the name and the score in one group and make that the element to be clicked. Less confusion on where exactly you need to click and better clicks in general…

hey vincent, thanks for the prompt reply,

Yea I thought about putting it in the front, put it will have a label of “points” behind the score (similar to reddit) and kind of needs to be in the back :confused:

i havent tried any of this yet, but what if you set a max length for the text field/ group and put the score at the back while making the text right aligned? This way the run-off is on the left.

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