How do you keep updating data?

So, i am making a MDT and this is the part where someone makes a emergency. But he keeps updating it, like when someone is wounded, he needs to inform a ambulance of course! But how do i make it so that my data type keeps updating it? (I have a data type called all emergency’s where everything is stored).

Please help me out!

(PS my English might be a bit bad, i am dutchXD)

Hi there, @judavanzanden2010… it would be a lot easier understand your question and potentially help you out if you could share some screenshots of what you are trying to describe. That being said, it sounds like you could simply be talking about making changes to an existing thing in a data type. If that’s what you are trying to do, have you tried using the Make changes to thing… workflow event?


Thanks! Here are some screens, but there dutch, i’ll try to translate them!

Here you see my workflow. Above you see all settings about how fast each emergency service may drive and and which traffic rules they can ignore. Down there is a inout box with all the information about the incident. And down is a field with all users that are helping with the incident. And a button that ends the incident.

Beside that is a RG with all voice channels you can select to talk in while the incident is happening for the role play.

Once you selected one, you can add and remove all options for the emergency. Than you can select users which can help with the emergency.

(its filled in here)
But what if you wanted to add some extra information? I dont really want a buttons that says Update emergency, but it just happends every 3 seconds or so.

Please ask questions if i was unclear!

Already thanks for the help!

Also, when i create a new emergency, and i want to update it, how do i make sure that i update the right emergency?

If you don’t want the user to have to click a button to update the emergency, you can use auto-binding on the fields so changes are automatically saved to the database. As for how you make sure you are updating the right emergency, how are you showing a newly-created emergency to the user? Are you setting it at the page level? Or maybe all of your fields are in a group and you can set the group’s data source to the appropriate emergency?