How do you load the next item in a list?

I have a list of foods, each with it’s ingredients, and the ingredients are displayed as text in a group.

I have 2 icons, a left chevron and a right chevron.

I would like the left chevron to load the previous item in the list of foods (by alphabetical order), and the right chevron to load the next item.

How do I do this?

@rohan You can use :item and +/- with a workflow

How do I get to :item in the first place?

@rohan The group where the ingredients are displayed have a search on foods:item #number where number is a custom state on the group. Then increase / decrease number with a set state action on the group’s number.

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Sorry neerja but it still does not work, or I am not understanding it.

When I click on the chevron, the workflow should be: “Display data in FoodGroup” > Data to display: “Do a search for” > And where does it go from there?

Hey rohan,

Mind sharing a link so we can get a better understanding?