How do you manage an app with lots of images?

Looking for a solution so we don’t use all our bubble storage!

Tried zeroqodes plug in for, but have no idea how to get images to show from a folder (or even how to save to said folder)

Thanks in advance

Hi @LA81638 :wave:
Off topic (Sorry if i misunderstood the question)

I used google drive for storing/retrieving images
which can be retrieve like this…


Thanks @viquarahmed07 , do you need a plugin for this? If not how do you create a new thing?

Thanks so much for replying

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@LA81638 You don’t need any plugin to get images from drive…
Since the question was to get images…

I will let you know by tomorrow regarding create a new thing :+1:

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I’m using Wasabi as my cloud storage. I’m using Zeroqode’s Wasabi plugin, but am transitioning to Redvivi’s Wasabi plugin instead. It’s working really well once you get it setup how you want and everything. Pretty much everything is going to need some setup

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Thanks @tylerboodman - with Redvivi’s plugin are you easily able to retrieve and show specific images rather than everything in the bucket? Edit: had a look and looks like you can…

Thanks so much for your reply

Yep with his plugin when you upload a file, you basically run a workflow per file uploaded. So for my use I have it Creating a new “File” (data type) and it has fields like Filename, path, Size in bytes, and URL. So when you upload 10 files for example it generates 10 new “File” things in my database, each with their own URL, filename, etc. Another step in the workflow would be setting the newly created File’s “Product” to the current page’s Product.

So to retrieve any File (or picture in your case) related to the current pages Product I just do a repeating group with the data source “Do search for File” with a constraint “Product = Current page’s Product”

It required some setup and I had a lot of back-and-forth with the plugin dev in his plugin thread but he was very helpful.

Wasabi I think is like $6/tb/month. They do have one limitation which is they don’t charge for data usage, as long as you don’t use more than you store per month. So if you store 1TB you have up to 1TB worth of downloads for that month. For my use it’s more archival storage so I upload hundreds of GB but only retrieve a few GB per month.


I honestly can’t thank you enough. I’ve been pulling my hair out with this and you’ve really helped! I really appreciate it!

Yep I’m on a quest to make a perfect folder system kinda of like mimicking Google Drive, but having mini Google drive’s around my app tied to different data types so Users and upload, rename, drag & drop, etc. So far going good. I just can’t handle Bubble’s storage prices

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All implemented and plugin is working great! Thanks so much @tylerboodman. Can I ask a stupid question though please…expiring URL’s: does this mean after 7 days the url no longer works?

Damn that was fast…
Yea the expiring URL action is used to fetch a link to a specific file, but it will expire after a certain amount of time.
He recently added the option to set a file to Public, so after doing that you can reference the direct URL to the file found in the Wasabi console when you click on the file. Then from there I setup a policy on the bucket so the HTTP referrer can only be from the Wasabi Console or my app’s domain.

I believe to set a file as public it’s a separate action you add to the upload workflow, then the Result of that action is the URL you can store in the database

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