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How do you manage version control for published mobile apps?


I’d like to be able to enforce users that have an old version of the mobile app installed to upgrade to the latest version.

The behavior that I am looking to implement is to show a “splash screen” to the user if a newer version of the app exists and only continue usage once they have the latest version installed.

For those that have successfully published on either Apple or Playstore, how did you achieve this?

thanks in advanced.

It works just like if you update your app in Bubble for a web app.

If the user is currently using the app when it’s updated, they’ll be prompted to click the black bar that appears to update the app.

If the app isn’t currently running on their device, they’ll automatically have the most recent version when they open the app.

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thanks @natedogg

It can’t get anymore simpler than that! :smile:

so essentially…every time I push a change into Prod in Bubble, all users including those using it on their device will get the changes pushed out to them…no need to re-publish to Apple or PlayStore…correct?

but wait!..even if there are complete UI changes in the mobile app?


Correct. All changes are pushed out to the apps, regardless of iOS or Android. Because it’s displaying a web page inside of the app, all changes will take effect immediately.

The only time you’ll need to resubmit to the app stores if if you want to change you app’s splash image/app store images.