How do you nest a popup into a repeating group?

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I seem to be stumped. I was able to nest a popup into a repeating group at one point. Somehow I have forgotten how I did it. Any help with the steps on how to nest a popup in a repeating group so that the when you open the popup form an item in the repeating group, the popup opens with the item info of the active record where the event to open the popup was triggered. Heres a screenshot of the popup I was able to nest originally.

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You don’t need to nest the popup in a repeating group. Just add the popup to the page and when someone clicks the cell in the repeating group show popup and pass the cell data to the popup.

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Thanks for the quick reply Ralph! What you suggested is exactly how I am using popups for repeating groups now. My main concern is that I cannot replicate what I did in the past and I fear that the nested approach that I used in previous situations may not be a valid approach, and I was somehow able to do it, even though it’s not meant to be done.

So I was hoping to find out if anyone else has done a nested popup and if they could share their steps, before I spend days reprogramming.

Yep I have this issue too in the past they let us put a popup inside the cell. Or a group inside the cell was converted to a popup so it stayed there.

Probably just cut and paste it out of the cell and re-reference everything so you don’t have some “illegal” setup still in your app :sweat_smile:

Definitely the correct way is have the popup on page and use Show a group/popup + Display data in group/popup actions

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Awesome! Many thanks Tyler. I was losing my mind trying to replicate the nested popup. Time to do some refactoring :blush:.

Thanks for the quick and helpful responses guys!

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