How do you run an event in the back ground

I have a system where I make something live for 60 days. On day 60 I want it to turn off. How do I run this type of event in the background, so there is no manual trigger?

You need to use scheduled WF. Create a backend WF and Schedule this WF 60 days later

You can create that work flow with a button?

not sure to understand exactly your case. There’s different possibilities to do what you need. What do you mean by make something “live” for 60 days?
Can you give more details about your case

Yeah, so a person creates a profile. They have to make the profile live (visible). I don’t want the profile to be visible forever, so I want it to turn off after 60 days. I have a live (yes/no) field.

You need to be on a plan that supports API workflows.

You need a backend workflow that you pass in a user Id and it switches the visible field to no.

You need a text field on your user to know what the api workflow id is that you are turning it off with so you can cancel it later if needed

Then when you create your user you have an action to schedule an api workflow, schedule the switch off workflow, in current date + 60 days

And store your result of the workflow in your cancellation field.


Or just have a button on an admin page and click it once a day.

“Update a list of things” where the turn-off-date is >= today.

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Which plan do I need to be on?

Any paid plan. Personal is just dandy.

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I tried a boost and it doesn’t seem to unlock this function.

I think boosts are for capacity, not features.

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