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How do YOU start a project?

Hey all,

We (me and @alex) are starting a new product and I wanted to reach out to the community to learn about how you start your projects. We have a series of questions that we’d love answers to in a survey-esque format. Later, we’ll be doing some video chat interviews, so the more volunteers we have the better.

Our objective is to build a useful tool for teams to reduce development risks by properly scoping and discovering their products, hence the focus on project inception. If you’re interested in filling out our questionnaire, please let us know in the thread below (or a private message)!


SOunds great. Count me in.

by start a project when are starting soon.

I’m in!

Oooohh… New projects? My ADD thanks you.

I’m in :slight_smile:

Cool! I’ll have a survey sent out over the next few days, so keep an eye on your private messages for a link from us. Customer validation is the most critical piece for us, so your assistance is super helpful!

I’m in

Great idea! Here is how we, the team behind launch new products. We documented the process step by step in this post:
From Idea to Live Marketplace in 7 Days - A study case for Bubblers in starting online businesses

I am new,can i take a part of the action?