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How do you store large amounts of data?


I’m looking for someone who has an app with a lot of data stored. Bubble offers pricing of $10 per 10GB which is a lot so I’m searching for some clever solutions around that :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @anon65040322 ,

I was looking for something not in the plugin store. Box storage does not really work for me since it starts at $500 per month after the first 10GB. I tried the AWS file uploader too and it does not let you bind files to fields and is missing a lot of features so It’s practically not usable.

Looking for some other creative solutions :slightly_smiling_face:

I pay £16 p/m for 100gb

Yeah but can’t use that with bubble can you, you need a platform plan.

yes you can, im using it with my app.
Enterprise is for unlimited gb

I have set up Box with my app and even uploaded a file, but I can’t find where to choose a plan. It says I have 10GB left.

I think thats free complimentary. their ux is trashcan, maybe pricing is different in your country but i linked the page above^

So I went to change plan in my settings and this is what comes up:

lol idk, create a new account and sign up from their pricing page.
Prices are same for America

So you don’t have a developer account? How did you set it up then? I followed @jarrad’s tutorial 100% and got a dev account. Can you PM me your app editor?

signed up from their pricing page.
I dont want to share my production app’s editor with you sorry.

Okay that’s understandable. Just curious as to how you set it up without a dev account.

i set up the dev account with my starter account,

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@marcuslate, Hi!
I am about to get a Box account, but I am a bit confused, since their monthly price is per “user”. So, I just want to check before: For Bubble purposes, all users on your Bubble app store their data on your one-user single account on Box?
Thanks in advance!

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Can Box be used to store database items or would you have to create a separate database and build the location of it into the Bubble App itself?