How do you sum a number value for every 15 records in a type (table)

Hi all, this may not be possible:

I want to sum the value of every 15 records in a database table (Type) so I can then divide it by 15 and produce a set of averages. I gather you can’t do this dynamically?

I can do this for the first 15, or last 15 easily, but how to do it for every 15 records?

If I need to create and new table to capture the averages how would you count every 15 records until the last 15 records in the table?

Has anyone tried something similar?

Many Thanks!

On a page ?

You could maybe use the Toolbox “List Of Numbers” with an increment of 15 and then use items from and items until ?

Thanks @NigelG I will give that a try. I am actually looking for a way to query for a chart but this may give me a lead to follow. Will report back if I find a solution to this.


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