How do you use the LONG_ID generated by a password reset email?

When you click on the link from a password reset email, it sends you to reset_pw with a LONG_ID (at least that’s what it’s called in Account - Bubble Docs) in a URL parameter.

How is this used? I deleted/broke the form and I’m trying to get it to work again… and I’m taking this opportunity to try to understand the Bubble reset flow works.

Hey @brenton.strine,

Sure thing, firstly you will need two inputs both with the content format of password, next you will need a button when that button is clicked you perform the action Reset Password and give it both input values.

If it’s more setting up the flow for allowing a user to reset his password, let me know, and I can explain that :slightly_smiling_face: .

Hopefully, that helped.

I’m mostly asking about the LONG_ID… how does that come into play?

No problem,

You can think of it as a one-time-use token. It gets generated when a request for password reset is generated, and it stays active for either 24 hours or until you have reset your password.

I understand that, I’m just trying to understand how I use it. Or does Bubble handle that automatically?

If I want to create my own reset_password page, do I need to capture the LONG_ID and do something with it?

Ok understood,

You cannot create your own it’s handled by Bubble, sadly.

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Ah gotcha, thanks.

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