How do you view an image in a database uploaded by user

I have an image uploader where users can report issues, ideas regarding the website.

I just want to view the image they upload. In the case of lots of articles on the forum it tells you how to let the user view it /download it.

But when i try to view it/save image as it just shows a tiny thumbnail which is useless, also tried to export it but the link it provides in excel shows “page not found” when i click it…

My app is not live yet, perhaps thats the issue?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Sounds like you are trying to look at the images from the editor. I that case, you can click the pencil next to the entry in the dtb and click ‘see’.

Better even would be to create a new page with a repeating group that pulls in the images. Data source is search for whatever data type your images belong to. Then add an image element in the RG and pull in the image through that element.

You can have a dynamic image element placed next to the uploader that points to the same image field. You can control the size of the preview image that way. Also put a link with the same image field’s image ‘url’, that can be used to download it once uploaded.