How does app versioning impact workflows?

Hi Everyone

I’ve just discovered Bubble - very different to what I’m used to, but love it so far.

I would like to know how versioning my App impacts workflows. For example, I’d like to create an App with multiple workflows:

  1. Workflow ‘A’ is triggered by a Save event
  2. Workflow ‘A’ triggers Workflow ‘B’ (e.g. on a schedule OR when data changes)

Question relates to the following scenario:

  1. Workflow ‘A’ is triggered → this brings version 1 of Workflow ‘B’ into play
  2. Workflow ‘B’ will run in the future on some ‘change condition’
  3. Workflow ‘B’ is modified before it is run (now Workflow B ver 2)
  4. The ‘change condition’ happens

Question: which version of Workflow B should I expect to run?

  • B ver 1 (which was originally called by Workflow A), OR
  • B ver 2 (which replaces B ver 1)

Also, is there a way to control which version of Workflow B will be run?

As far as I can tell this can’t be tested on the free plan (and if it is possible I’m not sure how to do it).

Look forward to learning more about this, thank you.