How Does Bubble compute functions and workflows?

I am creating an app now. I would like to build my app in a way that things can be delivered to the monitor quickly and efficiently. I want to know how bubble computes workflows and functions in the app. I know with bubble there is many different ways to build things. I can for example create a new page to display content , or alternatively, i can hide some content under the other content and then chose when to display the content by having triggers on the page that people can trigger. Seeing that there is alot for bubble process and many different ways to do things I want to know what is the least tiresome way to display loads of different elements and to also have alot of functionality to the website without the website buffering to load elements or to process requests. What makes bubble load things slower and what things cause more lag on bubbles end. Please i know this question is intricate, please reach out to me for more.