How does "Dirty Code" affect Editor Crashes, After Launching and Performance?

I’m starting to have occasions where my Editor crashes.

This brings up the question/potential of “dirty code”.

Dirty code occurs when you keep changing things around (or like in my case, I’ve made a hundred attempts to achieve something) and pieces of the old code gets stuck in the background of your work. [back in 2018, I used Notes++ to clean some of the code from a book I wrote.]

My questions are: How does Bubble treat the issue of dirty code, especially in view of so many novice builders changing so many things around in their editor?

Are these crashes I’m having now a precursor to problems I’ll have after launching or after things scale up a bit?

Will the dirty code I have now follow into my launch and affect my performance?

And most of all, is there a way for bubble to clean my code (ah!, their code) before I launch; so that if something breaks, I can fix it ahead of time?

Thank you for any help in this area. Jo Bernard

Oh, Sorry. One other thought on this (or question). Should I finish my app, and can I transfer all of my finish work on to a clean new app without the dirty code following?

Hi there, @vritrans… I’m not sure I understand exactly what you mean by dirty code, but something (really the only thing) that came to mind when I read your post is Bubble’s optimize application feature. If I have understood your post at all, I think that feature is as close as you are going to get to something that helps with what you are talking about.



optimize application? Huum, Ooookay, I’ll check it out.

Had you ever heard of this term “dirty code” ever at all?

Thank you so very much mikeloc. I’ll give that a try. Jo

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I have been in the software world for decades, and I have literally never heard anyone say the words dirty code. :slight_smile:

That being said, I’m sure I can understand the concept, but it might be good if you describe what it means to you from a Bubble perspective. Are you talking about something like leaving old pages, elements, and workflows lying around? If so, the concept is completely foreign to me because I keep my Bubble apps spotless (to keep the “dirty” analogy going) as I go.

What you are describing makes me think of folks who I have helped over the years who give me a link to their editor, and the first thing I see when I hit the link is the red issue checker showing hundreds of issues. I mean, Bubble ain’t magic. If you’ve made hundreds of attempts to achieve something and you left a lot of “garbage” lying around from those attempts, Bubble isn’t going to magically clean it all up for you. Or maybe they will, if the garbage can be found by the optimize application feature. :wink:

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Oh, Thank you so much for this reply. I never leave outstanding issues, but I thought there was unseen code left from interacting with the editor and making lots of changes. I’ll definitely be trying the optimizer here soon–to see what I come up with.

Thanks again friend. You’re awesome!!!