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How does GET know what field mappings?


I’m using a GET to get data from EventBrite and bring it into my bubble database. It’s not working, and my hypothesis is that I don’t fully understand how to specify the GET result fields in Bubble.

Here’s what my GET looks like currently:


2. It works. This is what the GET returns:

#3. Then, I have an API workflow that looks like this:

#4. And, the GET results should then update fields in my database. I’ve specified it like this:

But, I’m not seeing that the fields in my database have been updated. Can you spot the problem? How does buuble know how the fields returned by the GET (step 2) = the fields specified in the API workflow (step 3)?


I’m not sure I’m entirely following what you’re trying to do, but one thing is that you’ve defined an API call with the API Connector, and no where you’re using the Get Data from API (which is where you would use the call).

Hi Emmanuel,

The workflow is:
Create new event (action) -> triggers API workflow of the GET.

I know that the GET is being triggered (because I can see it in the logs), however, the GET (1-4 above) doesn’t put data in my database as I’d expect.

I believe that Bubble needs a field mapping between #2 and #3, but I’m unclear how this is specified.

I think you’re confused by this: an API you add in the API connector is a way for Bubble to get data from another API.

Triggering an API workflow means triggering an API that your Bubble app exposes. both are called API as it’s how it’s called on the web, but here we’re talking about 2 very very different concepts.

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So, what do I need to GET data from another API into Bubble? I don’t use the API workflows section?

Create event (action) and as part of the create_event workflow, I trigger the GET Bubble connector (first screenshot) This works.

I’m trying to figure out how to pull the data from the Bubble connector into my database. This is what I’m showing in 2-4. Is this incorrect way to import data into my database from the Bubble connector?

No, you just use the API connector. Have you done the Giphy/iTunes lessons?

The API workflow is a way to have something external trigger a workflow, that’s not what you’re trying to do here.

Ok. Haven’t done the Giphy/iTunes lessons. Do these tutorials include working with APIs?

Hi Emmanuel,

Can you pls provide a link to the Giphy/iTunes lessons. Waded through the “bubble games” in the iTunes store and didn’t see it.


@sridharan.s The resources Emmanuel is referring to are not in the iTunes store. They are in the documentation. If you go to that page, under “Lessons” you’ll see two tutorials that walk you through using Bubble to make API calls: one for using Giphy and one for iTunes. Those are the ones you should look at.

You should also check out the “Videos” too. The Bubble team has taken a lot of time to create these. Chances are they’ll answer about 90% of the problems you’ll come across.


Hi Scott,

The iTunes tutorial won’t help, as that is using the API connector in Data mode.

What you want to do in your workflow is call the EvenBrite_Post_Event API (Not via an API workflow - that is not needed and is jsut complicating things) in Action Mode, and then Update the thing based upon the data that comes back, you do this in the same way that you refer back to steps when you create something ( So the Result of Step x …).

In this case when you refer back to the step where you called the API it will allow you to select the data that has returned from that API, and in this case it will have the EventBrite Id that you created when you did the POST.

So you just POST and get the data back, you don’t POST and then GET. I think you may have confused yourself by having an API Workflow and an API Connector call named the same.

What Scott is trying to do is pretty complex, choreographing a bunch of external API calls.

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Say what?!

I thought I needed a POST followed by a GET to complete the cycle, but now I get why the API workflow is unnecessary (because the GET portion) was unnecessary.

Nigel, you’re awesome! Thanks so much this simplifies the madness.