How does Local Storage work in

Well @ihsanzainal84, I think this question is more about passing a list of items to a subsequent page. You can do this with browser storage (using Floppy for example) and you can also do it with a URL parameter. I think the concept that @dalatcafebestilling is missing here is that in a “shopping cart” type scenario (which this clearly is), the Bubble way of doing this is to create a new object (Thing) that is an Order, which is composed of Line Items, which is a list of the Dish/Product in question.

I know that a lot of times people are like, well, I want to do that without immediate interaction with the database (and while of course this can be done, Bubbble doesn’t make that particularly easy). But I don’t think that’s so much the question here.

@dalatcafebestilling, if what I’m saying above doesn’t immediately make sense, you might find the video in this post helpful (there is also a lot of interesting discussion in the full thread itself that you might find inspirational/helpful):

EDIT: I previously posted the wrong link. Here’s the post/thread/video that I meant to link:

And here’s the thread I meant: 📒 What is the best way to publish a list of objects to bubble? - #10 by keith

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