How does Path segments affect SEO?

Just a quick question.

Wondering how would google index my page as multiple pages with different names?

For example the Page i am creating this on is called “CDL” I would add path segments to show and hide Standings, match listings, Team listings, player listings, etc. The Urls would look like “,” How could i get google to index the pages as “CDL” “Standings” “Players” “Teams” etc even though the page on bubble is CDL not the other names?

Checkout on Google about canonical URLs as well as URL path list items and parameters and SEO…better to get some information from experts in the field who likely have detailed blog posts about the subject

But yes, you’d be punished by Google and made to sit in a timeout corner of the internet (way way way off in the corner in the abyss where you might find out you are on the Truman Show) for having duplicate content on multiple pages since each URL is a unique address.