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How find the Thing with most links/relations to another Thing

I have two tables. One with Competitors and one with Voters. Voters have a reference to the Competitor they voted for. I need to find the Competitor with the most Votes. Not a db expert, so can’t seem to crack this :blush:

Honestly, it would be easier to keep a number field on the Competitor. Every time a new voter votes, make a change to Competitor > votes field = this Competitor’s votes field + 1

Yes, but it requires me to keep track of when and where the counters should be changed (more than one place), which is a bug inducing risk. Is this Do Search possible in Bubble?

@romanmg is right, that will be the easiest way.

You could probably fudge something together with a temporary table and api workflows… But that will be slower and probably more complicated.

Ok. Temp tables sound error prone. Counter it is. Thanks.

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