How how to get the Card_id when using Collect a user's credit card?

When I am collecting a user’s credit card information with Stripe I am not able to get the Card_id only if I am creating a CC input mask with marketplace token. But in this case I have a conflict with the Stripe collect credit card, because it will add the cards and I am not able to get the current card_id. Any idea?

Hi @bubble48
If i understood well, this is what you want?

I am building a market place with 3 parties. I need to have the card_id of a customer in order to create split payments. So my problem is not to charge the correct card of a user but instead i need the card_id after the user entered the credit card. The stripe card id starts with the word card .

Can’t you do anything like this (I just want to ask, maybe it points you in right direction)

Which gives me result like this
Screenshot 2022-08-16 at 14.23.30

Weird if I try that I never get a card_ id instead a pm_ id

Yes even when I do Search for all users
then i can see some card_id & some pm_id, maybe they are not registered on stripe (I am not sure about that)
Screenshot 2022-08-16 at 16.08.06

card_id has to be created with a token from a credit card input form for stripe connect.

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