How i can create a API connection with Nordigen?


Do you know how i can create a API connection with Nordigen ?

I can’t fill the right items in the right places with the Bubble API connector extension.

Support : Account Information Quickstart Guide | Documentation | Nordigen


Hi HugoB,

what connection is it that you cannot create through the Bubble API to Nordigen?

I will be happy to help out, if you are still having issues with this.

Hi - I’m also having this issue. Any chance you could help us out as well with initial setup? Thanks so much!

Okay, so to connect the following is how I have connected using the Bubble API connector:

with the secret ID and Secret Key details copied from Nordigen

And I have set up the refresh API the following way

For the POST_Access_Token I have created a workflow to generate a new token entry in the database

Here is the workflow used to capture the access and refresh token. Please note that the expires fields are returned in seconds, hence the current date time function added in to add the number of seconds returned from the API to the current date time.

I hope this helps, if not let me know. I am still in the early stages of working with Nordigen and the API’s so some of the above might not be completely correct but it works for me so far.

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thanks a lot! working on this now but having some issues with the initial API set up (e.g. scope, redirect, and endpoints) - where do we get that info?

I cannot find any documentation on Nordigen to allow user-agent signup/login flow, so I am not able to help on that.

Hi, any success on this??

Hey Pablo,

Like pfthiessen posted before, it seems they dont provide the Oauth2 User-Agent Flow. However they do provide token based authentication.

If you create a new API, set the authentication method to “None or Self Handled” and recreate the API-calls displayed in pfthiessen’s post it should be fairly straightforward to connect to Nordigen.

I’ve been working on a plugin for this, as I am not confident the API Connector will be able to support the way Nordigen’s API works (at least not very securely)

Will post here when it’s published.

Hi Guys,

I did an API call to get the Banks list in Nordigen. I use the access token from the previous step.
The response states that the access token is incorrect. Do you know what is wrong?
Below Im attaching all the images for my set up and the response.

API Response
API call

Hey Pablo,

  1. As a test, can you replace the text ACCESS_TOKEN in the api call Retreive Banks for an access token which has not expired yet? you should be able to retrieve the banks. Also make sure to set the Authentication to None/Self Handled.

  1. Make sure to uncheck the option Private for the api call Retreive, key Authorization so that you can use it in the workflow.