How i can create those toppings

Hi guys…I’m trying to create this kind of topping.

The first time I tried to put everything in a repeat group, the name of the topping, the quantity etc. but it didn’t work.

I tried creating a group and putting a repeat group in it, leaving the name and quantity outside of the repeat group.

When there are several toppings, for a single product… It all confuses my head.

Any advice is welcome.

You’ll need a nested repeating groups: a repeating group inside a repeating group.

Your database could have the following dataTypes; Menu, Item, Selections/toppings

The Menu item will contain a list of Items which are in the menu, and each item will contain a list of selections/toppings.

The main group/page will take a Menu as input, and the first repeating group will list all the items in that menu. The nested repeating group, which is inside the first repeating group, will list the toppings of the item.

With this structure you’ll be able to build the page in the screenshot. You can have other fields in the item dataType (choose X, required/optional, etc)

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