How I published my app on Play and iOS stores

I just finished using @copilot deploy service to get my web app deployed to the iOS and Play stores. The team at cobubble did an awesome job of getting the app up on the stores in a short time frame. I know there are ways to get your apps deployed DIY, but IMO for the money, it was an easy call to utilize the service. They were super responsive, always helpful, and helped me get my product to market faster than I could have on my own. I would highly recommend cobubble’s deploy service.

Disclaimer: I do not work for @copilot nor have they requested I post this! I wanted to showcase their service to my fellow bubblers as a very satisfied customer!


@copilot, I didn’t even know you offered this service! Tell me more…

  • What time/tasks are required from a customer to complete this?
  • How long does it take?
  • What’s the price?

I hear questions about getting a web app deployed to the iOS and Play stores fairly often and never know what to tell them since I haven’t done this myself.

@cococubmobileapps Thanks for your kind words!

@sridharan.s We introduced Deploy, our iOS & Android deployment service, exclusively to our platform customers at the end of June of this year. Much of our investment was split into two efforts: developing our own wrappers for each platform and creating a simple deployment process for all.

Our deployment flow walks you through all that you need to get on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and is updated to reflect any changes. Here’s the basic list of dependencies:

  • Apple Developer Account (for iOS)
  • Google Play Developer Account (for Android)
  • OneSignal Account (for push notifications)
  • Firebase Account (for Android push notifications)
  • App Icon (for store listings and applications)
  • Screenshots (for store listings)

There’s much to consider when developing mobile applications, including optimal structure and service permissions. We have been recommending Bubblers to book a Session with us so we can help with pre-deployment steps including getting the above list of dependencies together. There’s also a mobile deployment course on the way for Education. :shushing_face:

On average, deployments pass through our provisioning and packaging process by next-day. We’ve done quite a few same-day deployments as well, mainly those who already had everything ready to go!

Deploy is heading out of beta this month, so we’ll certainly have details to share very soon. :wink:


This sounds awesome.