How I used AirDev canvas to build a fully responsive platform - Video

Hi community,

I wanted to share a video showing how I used the AirDev Canvas to significantly cut down on time spent building a platform where you could connect to a stranger with an opposite opinion!

Here’s the video:

And here’s the platform:

Would love to hear your thoughts!

AirDev - Custom Software for Everyone


Nice! The idea of a debate competition brought online is very fresh :grin:

The video itself is impressive, but maybe you could provide the normal-speed video too, as a tutorial on how to use Canvas? I don’t think you have one yet, but maybe I’m mistaken.

Hi Lucien, let’s start an argument on the platform!

We actually have a video for how to use canvas, here it is:

And there are more in our youtube channel:

AirDev - Custom Software for Everyone :wink:

My bad, I missed those videos :sweat_smile:

I replied to you on that chat thread…