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How is Data usually structured for a marketplace app?

Think about a marketplace app like Eventbrite.
When a user signs up for an event their information is shared with the event organizer. However, if the user changes their data or information in the future, would the organizer see this?
I am guessing no, as they shouldn’t see data that wasn’t given to them.

I ask because in my app I have it where a user signs up for the event, now lets say in the future this user changes their contact information, but past event organizers can see the new information by looking at past events and viewing who attended. As event attendees are a list of Users. Do I need to make a copy of all this data every time there is a registration to make a new data type?

I think the organizer should be able to see current information because the user signed up for a past event. A new event is going to take place - how will the organizer contact them if they don’t have up to date information?

@john3 - I think what he is saying, and @gf_wolfer, correct me if I am wrong - but there are really 3 users in this scenario…there is an “Event Organizer” who invites “Users” to an event…but there is also an overall Eventbrite Type program, in which other “Event Organizers” can invite the same users as the first “Event Organizer”.

The users essentially belong to the “Eventbrite Type Programs” Admin, and not the “Event Organizer”. The organizer can invite the users and attract new users, but they belong to the program.

So the question is, do you allow past event organizers to see updated user info…I think that Event Organizers need limited user info compared to the overall Program Admin.

correct @cschrade, thanks for clarifying.

An attendee may attend an event in 2016 with their current contact info. But then attend an event in 2017 with a different event organizer, and update their contact info.
I think it may be wrong for the older Event Organizer to see this updated info, as the person did not explicitly consent to giving the new info to that specific organizer.

In my app I have created a new data type, a Contact. So essentially every time someone registers with the event it Creates a Contact (filtered with first name, last name, email to try and avoid duplicates to make changes to previously entered contacts). This contact only belongs to the specific Event Organizer. Makes for a lot more data and more workflows, but I think it is best from a secure information/data viewpoint