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How is 'number of API calls per second' calculated...?

If I run an API workflow on a list that calls a 3rd party service and stores the data in Bubble, how are the returns calculated?

Imagine each returned item has 5 fields in the list and I ‘collect’ each of them and store them in the DB. (Example - I call an API that returns 10 ‘items’, each of which contains 5 fields: Name, Street, City, State, Country).

If I call 10 ‘items’ but collect and store the 50 fields through a Bubble workflow (Schedule API workflow on a list), have I called the 3rd party API 50 times or 10?

This is important for me to understand b/c I’m receiving an ‘exceeded the throttle limit per second’ message from the 3rd party API. If I’m making 50 calls in the above example I can understand why, but if 10, more investigation will be required.

Thanks for the help!