How is possible to populate page with data according to a session ID?

I want to have a session ID which is created at the outset, and then to have this structure where data from the first page afterwards is stored; and then this same to be passed to the final page, where data will be drawn out depending on this unique session ID.

I want the session IDs to populate a list on a dashboard so that users can click through to any of them, and that clicking on this will mean that the page which this link navigates to will be populated according to the data corresponding to the session ID.

This is for a conversational application, so there will be conversations with GPT that are saved according to this session ID. I have tried having information passed through the URL, but the options do not allow any simple way to constrain the data choice to this—or I simply end up lost in recursive nonsense of constraint elements, a problem here with the no code implementation.

Any advice would be much appreciated, am willing to answer any further questions if I have not been clear.


I would like to further ask whether it is possible to have the unique ID of a thing be passed between pages and then used to bind other things to this? Supposing that I have the unique ID of ‘session’ passed to the next page, and then I want to use this (pulled from the url as a parameter) to create an entry under ‘messages’ with the same unique ID (but here used as its own variable)? The idea is that this can all be bound together by some sort of unique variable which allows them to be hauled up in line with one another and maintained across pages via URL parameters.