How Link two data types

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I would like to link two types of data, let me explain, I have an Incident database and an intervention database, I would like to link my interventions to an incident. So I created an Incident database

then an intervention database

first, I create an incident (I generate an id), and afterwards, I create an intervention but how to attach them?

Hi there, @kqkq… you can add an incident field with a field type of incident (i.e., your incident data type) to your intervention data type. Then, when an intervention is created, you fill in the intervention’s incident field with the associated incident. Make sense?

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thank you for your reply @mikeloc,

I therefore created an “Incident” field in the Intervention database which has the type “Incident”, but when I create my intervention, the Incident field remains empty, must I be missing something?

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So, you’ve got a parent group that knows the associated incident, right? If that’s the case, I think it should be Incident = Parent group's incident instead of Incident = Parent group's intervention's incident.

I don’t have an “Incident” parent group

I don’t know how your app works, so I don’t know how the system knows the incident to which you are adding the intervention. If you want to give me access to your editor, I would be happy to take a look and see if I can help.

I sent you a message

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