How long does an object keep a State?

Hi - i have a 3 level navigation with 3 hide/show RGs and quite some problems with the headers & naming with back/forth navigation from L1,L2,L3…
It would be completly easy to have 3 pages and each has a different data type, but with the 3 RGs its quite complex for me, becuase the page itself only has one data type and cant capture y level 2 and 3 selection.
My idea was now to create 3 shapes which always keep a state of my selected project, sub project and bid invite…

Question: How long does an object or shape “keep” a sate? Forever until its over-written?

States are lost as soon as you leave the page. As long as you stay on the page, they keep the state until overwritten.

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Until the page is refreshed.

Are you sure about that? I think states are purged/gone when a page is reloaded. Not when you tab out.

By “leave the page” I meant reload/close, not tabbing out - so you’re right.

Awesome - that helped - it works now!!!