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How many hours would this take and can anybody assist?

I would like to find out how many hours (ballpark) might reasonably be required to setup the following frontend on Bubble for an experienced Bubble developer. Need to validate a basic MVP as affordably as possible.

  1. Setup 2 forms that post data back to external backend API in
  2. Setup 2 “advanced” data tables (can use plugins) that fetch and display data from an external backend API (backendless)
  3. Setup fully purchased Canvas template for basic standard SaaS functionality with standard screens, login, user settings etc plus basic functions like user management, auth etc.
  4. Basic stripe integration for monthly billing plus ability to purchase in app “credits” as needed to extend functionality (the app provides data as a service)
  5. Anything else that is required for this to result in a fully functional SaaS MVP that uses an external backend ( to display user specific data in frontend tables.

Would like to get a basic idea of time and cost for this, can it be done for around $500 to $800 if being as efficient as possible? Is anybody interested? Thanks

Hi, I sent you a DM. :slight_smile: